Security Deposit Rule

Security Deposit Rule

Security Deposit Rule

The security deposit serves as a guarantee that the user will use our service responsibly and with the necessary care to avoid additional costs. This guarantee is intended to cover expenses related to any damages caused by the customer to the scooter, in case the customer has not purchased comprehensive insurance coverage. All damages incurred that exceed the deductible amount will be the responsibility of the customer.

Amount of the security deposit:

125cc Scooter – €500

110cc Scooters – €400

At the commencement of the rental period, the lessee is obligated to provide an initial security deposit through credit card authorization or in cash. The specific amount of the initial security deposit is outlined in the contract. In addition to the initial security deposit, the lessee is liable, irrespective of their responsibility, for damages, theft, or total loss of the vehicle, as well as damages or loss of accessories and documents, up to a maximum amount of €1500 for a 125cc Scooter and €1000 for a 110cc scooter.

To facilitate this, the lessee must sign a document granting the owner (Love-Scooter) the authority to collect and utilize credit card information to make payments covering damages up to the predetermined amount. At the conclusion of the rental agreement, compensation for damages to the scooter, accessories, and documents will be charged to the lessee’s credit card. In the absence of damages, the initial security deposit will be fully refunded to the lessee.

What occurs when the security deposit is made?

It is a temporary hold of the specified amount in your bank account.

Under what circumstances can it be triggered?

Love-Scooter will not withdraw funds directly from your bank account, nor will it trigger it unless there is damage to the scooter, a traffic fine, or payment for automatic parking and toll charges on toll roads.

When is this security deposit returned to the customer?

Love-Scooter takes up to 16 business days to process the cancellation of the deposit, and the banking institution takes up to 72 hours after the initial cancellation request.

If you need more information, please contact Love-Scooter through our contact form.

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