Insurance Information

Compulsory Insurance for Theft, Loss and Damage of the Vehicle.

The rental price includes mandatory third-party liability insurance for vehicles, covering damage to third parties with a deductible. It does not include insurance against theft, total or partial losses, damage (or any other loss) suffered on the vehicle itself (or on the luggage, goods or personal objects transported in the vehicle), for any reason (due to vandalism or a traffic accident) or personal injuries.

Accessories (keys, helmets, etc.) and extras contracted are not covered by the deductible, and their loss or damage will be charged to the Customer according to the general listing in the store and that was properly explained to them and that the Customer recognizes. Nevertheless, Love Scooter offers its customers the possibility of taking out additional insurance, whose specific information will be provided at the time of signing the Contract.

The customer can take out additional insurance to reduce the franchise, according to the category of the vehicle, that covers damage or theft of the vehicle. This point will be declared in the contract.

Accessories (keys, helmets, etc.) and extras (GPS holder, suitcase, gloves, screen, blanket, etc.) are not covered by the deductible reduction and their loss or damage will be charged according to the general damage list available in the Love-Scooter Store and that have been properly explained to the customer and that he recognizes.

In case of loss of keys, refueling error or puncture, the customer must call the store where the vehicle was rented.

In case of an accident or damage to the vehicle, Love Scooter may, at its discretion, deliver a replacement vehicle. Under no circumstances will the customer be entitled to a replacement vehicle if the accident or damage is due to the customer’s fault or negligence.

Love Scooter reserves the right to cancel the Rental Contract at any time and for any reason.

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