Complaints book

Complaints book

Welcome to Portugal and our beautiful and noble city of Porto.

We are Love Scooter, a rent-a-motorcycle service focused on providing mobility for tourists visiting the city of Porto in Portugal. Our service aims to be a fun, practical, affordable, and reliable adventure. However, as with everything in life, something may go wrong and the customer may feel the need to file a complaint, which we hope will never happen.

But if it does happen, we inform you that Love Scooter complies with the terms set forth in DL n.º 156/2005 of 15.09 and that there is an official complaints book and that they can be registered digitally. To do this, simply click on the link – Complaints Book.

Our team will work very hard to ensure this never happens.

Thank you for your trust.

Complaints book

Love Scooter Rental Motorbike, a fun way to explore Porto!

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